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Re: dpkg and /usr/local packages

Juergen A. Erhard wrote:
> Problem: when I install some package from source (like Emacs, or GTK
> 	 et al), dpkg doesn't know about these...  which means that I
>       	 cannot install any package that depends on this (not without
> 	 forcing the dependencies).

Especially with Emacs this is difficult since the emacs packages
depend on some emacsen / emacsen-common packages that provide
tools for recompiling .el files etc.  I would suggest you install
a Debian emacs.

> Solution B: Give dpkg a --force-known option, which causes the
>             specified package to be known as installed.

I would propose that you create a proper package yourself.  Just
install all files into /tmp/foo/usr/* and create /tmp/foo/DEBIAN,
in that dir you place a proper control file with:

	Package: foo-local
	Provides: foo

You may also want to add "Conflicts: foo".  After that you create
a .deb with dpkg --build /tmp/foo (or similar)



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