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Re: Proposal: Adding more architecture options to dpkg (was: Re: Adding Hurd architecture/os to dpkg and packaging scripts.)

When you make these changes to dpkg, try to find a way to deal with
platforms that handle two different architectures.  (e.g. UltraSparc
machines handle sparc and sparc64, intel machines handle i386 and the
proposed i586 distributions.)  It would be nice to build and install
packages for both architectures on these machines.  

I have "sparc" Debian installed on my Ultra5, and successfully compile
packages for the "sparc" architecture - in fact, the tools to build
userland code for "sparc64" are not ready and will not be ready for
quite a while.  (And, even then, we'd probably want a mixture of
packages to guarantee system stability.)

The default architecture for a Debian build should be whatever the
default build tools generate, and there should be a way to access
other architectures through command line switches during the build

Also, I have a question about Debian HURD.  What are you going to do
about filesystem layout?  Most of our packages configure and install
files according the Linux Filesystem Standard, but it is my
understanding that the HURD proposes to use a vastly different
(flatter) filesystem layout.  Is Debian HURD going to match Debian
Linux or other HURD systems?  Will you have to change every package?


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