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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 06:19:41AM -0000, Robert Woodcock wrote:

> *BOTH* of these reasons were used against freezing hamm and pressing on with
> releasing slink back in June. If we kept doing that, we would release every
> two years instead of every 6 months.

Our problem is that the freeze time is *way* too long.  What should be, and
was designed to be, a few weeks (or a month at the most) has dragged on to
many months.  Its effect is that new software is kept out, while old bugs
are kept in or not discovered because nobody is running it anymore, and some
can't even compile for it anymore.  People hurridly upload new packages to
it right before the freeze date, which may cause the release to be
postponed.  This means that people get tired with the "old" frozen version
and use unstable.

> Then let's get slink out the door so we can concentrate on potato. I'd say
> potato should start targetting 2.2.x now though, so there's less to change

There really isn't much, or anything, to change.  There are plenty of people
that have been running 2.1.x kernels for quite a while with Debian.

> when it actually comes out.
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