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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

Brandon Mitchell wrote:
>On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, John Goerzen wrote:
>> I propose that Debian skip slink, and have a freeze of potato soon.
>I disagree.

Same here.

>> 1. Slink is already seriously obsolete, since it has been frozen for
>>    about as long as we are supposed to go between releases.
>I'd prefer slink to hamm.
>> 2. Slink release is some time off, and is complicated by the fact
>>    that most developers now run potato.

*BOTH* of these reasons were used against freezing hamm and pressing on with
releasing slink back in June. If we kept doing that, we would release every
two years instead of every 6 months.

*sigh*. We learn from history that we do not learn from history.

I still run slink, heck, I still have a machine running hamm, and if worse
comes to worse, any developer caught with out a slink machine can request an
account on mine. (I trust them with my OS - why wouldn't I trust them with a

>> If we go with potato, we can:
>> 1. Include X 3.3.3 (YAY!)
>> 2. Include Linux 2.2.0 (YAY!)  (well, maybe.)
>> 3. Include current versions of other programs  (do I smell Perl5.005?)

Then let's get slink out the door so we can concentrate on potato. I'd say
potato should start targetting 2.2.x now though, so there's less to change
when it actually comes out.

>And spend a lot of time fixing all the new bugs we just introduced.  Major
>bugs cause major change, at least from what I've seen in the past.
>> And, if we freeze it quickly, it may not be any later than a slink release. 
>> It appears that a slink release is at least a few months off anyway.

You need to read this thread:


Some people will look back on it and find it funny.

Also read:


Some people will look back on it and find it sad.

>Two questions: 
>1) is Brian White around, what was that about the release manager being
>gone? and 

Not *really* around, I doubt he's reading this message for example (unless
someone brought the thread to his attention), however he is rather prompt
about reading email directed specifically towards him and approving packages
to go into slink.

>2) are important bugs release critical?  It's been too long since I've had
>to think about this.

Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses" -- Richard Gabriel

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