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Re: i586 debian port?

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Bart Warmerdam wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 03, 1999 at 06:08:16AM +0100, Karl B. Hammar wrote:
> > 
> > Instead of having a separate distribution for i586, why not have a tool
> > that takes the whole source distribution and make a binary one for you.
> > With the possibility to specify target architecture and cpumodel.
> > Like "make_binary 'arch=i386 mcpu=i686 -O3'"
> > 
>   You need to have source dependancies first, otherwise not all packages
>   compile out-of-the-box.

	One thing that we could do is copy the *BSD distribution, have one
toplevel makefile including all the subdirectory's (bin,sbin,usr.sbin,
etc) and within those, having another makefile telling which order to

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