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Source dependencies (was: i586 debian port?)

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Dan McGregor:
> 	One thing that we could do is copy the *BSD distribution, have one
> toplevel makefile including all the subdirectory's (bin,sbin,usr.sbin,
> etc) and within those, having another makefile telling which order to
> compile.

This easily becomes unmaintainable, due to size and the speed with which
new packages are added and old packages convert from, say, debmake to
debhelper. Also, it makes it difficult to compile only some packages.

Build dependencies are necessary for Debian. I say this as someone who has
been been running dbuild on a slink source mirror for a few days now.
However, this has all been discussed to death already, and we need
someone to actually do something to dpkg-source, not more discussion.
Debian is having too much discussion and not enough doing (which is one
reason why slink is still not released).

(I don't do much myself, but I'm always ready to throw the first stone.)

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