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Re: Mutt loses mail

On Sun, Jan 03, 1999 at 07:15:21PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:

> I have just submitted this bug report.  I do not have a number for it yet,
> or else mutt munged that message too :-)
> I consider this to be a very serious issue, probably relating to coding
> problems in mutt.  Who knows how many Debian-related mails I may have
> missed?  (hmm, good excuse for not closing bug reports, eh? <g>)
> For the moment, I guess my mail reader is sed :-)
> Now, perish the thought, I have been in an environment where there was a
> similar NFS-mount for files, and Pine was the mailer used.  On some systems,
> it was dealing with Debian Linux machines only, just like I am here. 
> Sometimes, the client was SunOS or the server was.  It NEVER did this.  I
> have been suspecting something odd with mutt for some time, but only
> confirmed it tonight.  I would consider, based solely on prima facie
> appearances, that mutt has some serious design flaw with its locking.

Do you have the NFS mounted mail spool mounted with no attribute
caching?  (Can't remember the linux option, but something like "noac")
This will tell the client (your machine) not to cache the attributes
(like mtime) and always requery the server.  The option is almost
manditory for nfs mail spools.


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