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My packages have dissapeared from frozen

I had a package in slink (now "frozen"), which is "no longer", these

- xswallow: a plugin for Netscape to allow viewing of any MIME-type
viewer "inside" the browser. I had "bugged" myself an "important" bug to
move it to contrib. Since Netscape's Navigator is not DFSG. I uploaded a
version to frozen fixing this. Result: it has disappeared from frozen.
Potato/contrib has latest upload.

Also something bizarre happened with other two:

- vrwave: Well this packages is now where it should be (non-free/frozen).
But the update I sent (vrwave_0.9-4) seems has not gotten to Richard's
queue. Although the package has been moved to non-free, the version there is
only 0.9-1, which did not have the fix for the new MESA library (I fixed it
and sent it in in the last bug squashing party). Curiously enough, in potato
this package is in main.

- clips: Same here, I uploaded a new version with just bug fixs and it went
to potato, I also uploaded one to frozen but never got there (clips_6.0-2)

	Umm.. I have wait two weeks to send this e-mail. Does someone now
what could have happened to my uploads? I received confirmation from the
upload qeue daemon, but nothing more. 
	I am specially surprised by what happened with xswallow, since I did
not receive any e-mails regarding this (quite strange) decision. Current
version of xswallow is 1.0.12-1, which adds the new upstream version,
latest version with (only) bug fixes was 1.0.12-3.



PD: Please also note that I have closed bug reports prematurely (will not do
so again)

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