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Re: My packages have dissapeared from frozen

I've searched through my mail archives for these packages.

Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:

> - xswallow: a plugin for Netscape to allow viewing of any MIME-type
> viewer "inside" the browser. I had "bugged" myself an "important" bug to
> move it to contrib. Since Netscape's Navigator is not DFSG. I uploaded a
> version to frozen fixing this. Result: it has disappeared from frozen.
> Potato/contrib has latest upload.

I don't remember doing anything with xswallow, though my memory is not
all that good.  I can't find any record of an upload of xswallow to
frozen, though.  The current version in potato was uploaded only to
unstable.  My records go back to July, when I started doing archive
maintenance work.

> - vrwave: Well this packages is now where it should be (non-free/frozen).
> But the update I sent (vrwave_0.9-4) seems has not gotten to Richard's
> queue. Although the package has been moved to non-free, the version there is
> only 0.9-1, which did not have the fix for the new MESA library (I fixed it
> and sent it in in the last bug squashing party). Curiously enough, in potato
> this package is in main.

I see 0.9-1 in slink and 0.9-4 in potato, both in non-free.  There is
no vrwave in main.

You uploaded vrwave 0.9-4 only to unstable.  At the time, we had the
following email exchange:

  Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
  >       The package now compiles with mesag3, and all bugs pertaining it
  > have been fixed. I will send in an upload for "frozen unstable" when the
  > other one goes through.

  Please make this upload right away, that makes it much easier to install.

  Richard Braakman

When you didn't, I installed vrwave 0.9-4 anyway, and moved vrwave 0.9-1
(in slink) to non-free by hand.

> - clips: Same here, I uploaded a new version with just bug fixs and it went
> to potato, I also uploaded one to frozen but never got there (clips_6.0-2)

It was rejected by the installer on Dec 14:

  Rejected: clips_6.0-2_i386.deb: Old version `6.0-2' >= new version `6.0-2'.

You should either increase the version number, or upload only to "frozen".
Preferably the former, since otherwise you have two packages with the
same version number, that are not identical.

Richard Braakman

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