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Re: i586 debian port?

On Sun, Jan 03, 1999 at 04:08:23PM -0600, Ean R . Schuessler wrote:
> How about a port that was mostly symbolic links except for key packages
> and libraries. Developers who were interested in this concept could build
> packages at their option.
> On Thu, Dec 31, 1998 at 07:59:42AM -0800, Aaron Van Couwenberghe wrote:
> > I was just wondering, has there been talk of doing a debian GNU/Linux i586
> > port via pentium optimizing compilers?
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And maybe a dh_gcc debhelper wrapper script that calls the appropriate compiler
based on environment variable or command line option? Then interact with dh_builddeb
(I think) to end the filename in i586.deb. That would make it easy to (for example)
to autobuild a few thousand packages at a time.

Robert Edmonds

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