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UK non-US server still giving problems

I'm still finding problems with the ftp.mcc.ac.uk non-us server.  Two
problems are apparent: one minor one is that different packages have
different labels of section, most now being of the form non-us/util or
similar, but a couple reading only non-us or even non-US.

Secondly, and much more significantly, there are packages listed in
the slink Packages file which do not exist in slink.  This needs
seeing to quite urgently.  Where do I send an important bug report, if
one has not already been submitted?



            Julian Gilbey             Email: J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk
       Dept of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary & Westfield College,
                  Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, ENGLAND
      -*- Finger jdg@goedel.maths.qmw.ac.uk for my PGP public key. -*-

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