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Re: help(*_*)

"Harold G. Stevenson" <zorro@azstarnet.com> writes:

   help......on a couple major areas for me. some
   of it has too do with permission issues on my machine. i had to
   reconfigure x. i can bring it up a root or as tempuser, but not as user
   zorro. would like very much to be zorro when i bring up x.

Check that /etc/X11/config grants normal users the proper permissions.

   the other is my printer. went thru alot with it and now that it seems as
   if it wants to print i get a message that lp0 is not configured. so how do
   you configure /dev/lp0.

/dev/lp0 is probably the wrong device unless you're using kernel
2.1.x.  Use /dev/lp1 instead.

   any help at all will be greatfully appreciated. thank you.

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