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Re: No more .deb on KDE ftp

On Thu, 03 Dec 1998, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>Le Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 05:17:55PM +0100, Kristoffer.Rose@ENS-Lyon.FR écrivait:
>> Hence we are not distributing it currently, not even as non-free.
>Please, stop repeating the same thing. I know that.
>In this big thread I can remember that an argument in favour of the
>deletion of kde .debs IN Debian was that people that do need .deb for
>KDE can find them on the KDE FTP server.... I agree that Debian does not
>distribute KDE but KDE distribute KDE so why not in .deb too as they
>already did ?
>> I am sorry about the mess but it is Debian's policy to make certain that
>> our distribution has no legal problems.
>But the KDE ftp server is not a debian server. I really see no reason
>why KDE would not ship KDE .debs as they seemed to disagree with Debian
>conclusion that redistributing KDE with Qt was not allowed.

I am working on packages of the pre-1.1 version of KDE.  Due to a series of
mistakes (mostly my fault) some of the KDE 1.0 packages got replaced with
pre-1.1 versions and thus the 1.0 directory had an inconsistant set of files. 
Apparently no-one had the old versions and deletion was the only way to gain
consistancy.  I have not had a chance to make a set of KDE 1.0 Debian packages
since that time and apparently no-one else has wanted to (perhaps all the
flames have decreased people's inerest).  Rest assured that when KDE 1.1 gets
released I will personally create a set of Debian packages and upload them to
the KDE site and to ftp://ftp.timsnet.com/pub/kde/pre1.1/ (there is currently
an outdated pre-1.1 version there that you can use).

I am in London and would like to meet any Linux users here.
I plan to work in London for 3 - 6 months...

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