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HTML-formated Packages for slink

Happy new year to everyone.

I converted the text-based file "Packages" for slink to a 3-frame HTML
page, with a home-cooked perl script. I already put it up on my homepage
on tripod.com.

top frame has alphabet index, left frame has package name index, and main
frame is used to display description for the package  you clicked on.
Feature includes:
1. direct link to FTP download the package. from ftp.cc.gatech.edu.
2. link to email the author directly
3. Table formatted info for each package

I don't know how useful this could be. If nobody is interested, I might as
well remove it from my homepage. I myself prefer vi and search with a text

just wanna help. Disclaimer: I am not a developer yet.


 YU, Zhongbin "Jerry"        			In Nature I believe:-)
M.S. in CIS (expected)		| Systems Engineer, Premiere Tech., Inc.
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