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Re: sysvinit: rc vs. r2d2 bahavior

Roland Rosenfeld wrote:
> I had a deep look into the rc scripts from sysvinit and file-rc as
> well as the r2d2 script by Winfried Trümper.
> This is what rc (sysvinit) does and file-rc should do (I think, that
> there is some bug):
>   1. Run all K??-scripts in the new runlevel with the parameter "stop" 
>      except when starting up (prevlevel==N).
>   2. Run all S??-scripts in the new runlevel which are not in
>      prevlevel as S??-scripts or which are also K??-scripts in the new
>      runlevel. When going to runlevel 0 or 6, use parameter "stop"
>      otherwise "start".
>   For all this use the ascending order of the number of the scripts.
> This seems to be historical normal behavior of rc, but it's not too
> intuitive...
> Instead of this here's what r2d2 does:
>   1. Run all K??-scripts in new runlevel, which are not K??-scripts in 
>      the prevlevel. Do this in _descending_ order of the scripts
>      (stop first, what is started last). Use "stop" as parameter.
>   2. Run all S??-scripts in new runlevel, which are not S??-scripts in 
>      the prevlevel. Do this in _ascending_ order of the scripts. Use
>      "start" as parameter.
> So my question is the following: Why do we keep this non intuitive
> behavior of sysvinit and file-rc instead of intuitive behavior of
> r2d2?


In fact, I'd appreciate if you could package up r2d2 as 2nd alternative,
and include proper conversion utilities.  This is the *only* way to
show people that a) there is a different way and b) it could be more
useful than the conservative one.

This is my experience with file-rc.

Finally I don't think that either file-rc or r2d2 will be able to
replace the conservative rc mechanism that sysvinit uses.  The
reason is quite simple, it is a proper method that is used upon
several flavours of of Linux like operating systems, including
System V Unix derivates.  Linux should not become incompatible to
them - it should however present new ideas and new techniques but
stay compatible.



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