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Re: forget putting 2.0.36 in slink 2.2.0 pre1 is out

On Mon, Dec 28, 1998 at 10:42:42PM -0800, jim@laney.edu wrote:
> Isn't that a bit premature? It should be looked at first. 
> 2.0.36 until 2.2.0pre1 is tested, or until 2.2.0 final is out, and that is
> tested by the debian testers, and not even 2.0.36 until -that- is tested...

Not 2.2.* ANYTHING in slink!  Slink is about to go stable here and we
Should Not move to a new kernel which we have not been testing the
distribution with until now.  Moving to 2.0.36 is necessary as a result
of security holes in 2.0.35 but 2.2.* is a whole new kernel.  I have to
ask myself where all of the sane and reasonable people are who should be
saying such positive <g> things as "not a chance in hell!" and "what are
you smoking?" to anyone who suggests slink should be delayed for a 2.2
kernel.  I shall have to surmise from the lack of such responses that
they're still on vacations and holidays.

Since they are not here and I am, it is my duty as actually present to
interject on their behalf: "What are you smoking?  Not a chance in hell,
not for slink!"

I have heard earlier that we still do not have 2.0.36 images and we have
agreed that we would use them for slink.  We also seemed to agree that
after release of slink, potato was a good target for glibc2.1 and the
latest 2.1 kernel if we don't actually have a 2.2.0 before then.

> BTW, it's nice to know there are more ideas for kernel features on the
> horizon. It should be an interesting trek towards 2.4.0...

Most certainly, if it does not end up being a move toward 3.0.0 before
we're done.

NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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