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Re: fixing up /usr/doc

On Thu, 24 Dec, 1998, Zack Brown wrote:
> In that case, I suggest splitting supplemental docs out of /usr/doc, and
> putting them somewhere dedicated to supplemental docs.
> I agree completely that man pages should tell the location of supplemental
> docs, but are you saying that man pages *and only manpages* should be the
> way to access those supplemental docs? Why put such an unnecessary
> restriction on users? I, for one, often feel like poking around my system
> without necessarily knowing what I'm poking around *for*. I love finding
> directories filled with wonderful sources of information that I can peruse
> at my leisure. And right now, /usr/doc is one of those sources and it is
> impossible to use!
In the odd little way you want to use it. It is fine for the purpose it was
designed for, no need to change it. END OF THREAD.

GNU does not eliminate all the world's problems, only some of them.
						-- The GNU Manifesto

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