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Re: Debian-ZH (Chinese) project? :-)

Hello Anthony,

(BTW, I am forwarding this message to debian-devel@lists.debian.org just in
case there are other Chinese Debian users who may be interested in the
discussion.  :-)

On Thu, Dec 24, 1998 at 10:51:47AM +0800, Anthony Wong wrote:
> Hi Anthony,
> (well I'm called Anthony too :)
> Just saw your e-mail on debian-boot, looks like you are going to make
> a Chinese boot disk for Debian, this is so cool, because I have this
> in my mind for some time already.

Sorry, a Chinese boot disk is still quite a long way to go.  :-)  The
"Chinese environment" task file (or whatever) is just so that a user
could install all the Chinese-related packages without digging through
the thousands listed in dselect.  :-)

And, as you probably know, FreeBSD has a Chinese installation interface
for their boot disks.  And recently I just noticed that the Debian-JP
Team has produced the Japanese boot disks too.  I haven't looked at
either in detail, so I wonder how they do it.  I wonder if chdrv or
yact could be used for a Debian Chinese boot disk...  Hmm...

> I just replied new-maintainer for their acceptance of my application
> as a developer, so I can upload my packages that I roll out (if any)
> soon. I want to concentrate on Chinese stuffs.

Hurray!  Finally, a new Chinese Debian developer!  :-)  There used to
be Lawrence Chim, but he seems to have disappeared for quite some time. 
And there is also Herbert Xu, who maintains the kernel packages among
other things.

> Probably you have heard of CLE (http://cle.linux.org.tw) already?
> They have some goodies in it. I am going to Debianise some of them.
> Do you have any other suggestions on what to package?

Yes, of course, I know about the Chinese Linux Environment (?) project. 
:-) I copied some of their Chinese .src.rpm to my home directory on
master about a week ago.  I will take a look again at XA+CV and chdrv. 
Feel free to pick whatever you like from the CLE to package.  xcin,
crxvt, taipei fonts, CMEX 24x24 fonts etc. are already packaged (by me
and others).  I also have a preliminary cjk-latex package on my
computer, but I am waiting until the moe_sung.ttf and moe_kai.ttf font
packages are ready.

If you want to save some time downloading from Taiwan, you may check in
~foka/src/ftp.linux.org.tw/pub/CLE/CLE/source on master to see the CLE
source RPM files.  XFree86 with X-TT TrueType font server is already
compiled by the Debian-JP team.  I was just playing with it in the past
few hours and couldn't quite get the Big5 fonts (Chinese Windows 95
kai.ttf, mingli.ttc; public moe_sung.ttf, moe_kai.ttf etc.) to work. 
(Arghh..) If you are interested, perhaps you could coordinate the
Chinese localization of X with the Debian-JP Team?  :-)

CLyX, ChiTeX, etc. seems interesting to me too, but I won't have time
to play with them for quite some time.  If you are interested in them,
you could take a look.  (Oh yeah, if you are interested in XA+CV and
chdrv, and don't see any uploads from me, feel free to take them too. 
:-) Anyway, don't just take my word.  Feel free to pick any packages
that you like.

> Not much to say, just want to let you know there is someone who
> want to make Debian-Chinese (or whatever).

Same here.  :-)  Welcome aboard, and thanks for joining us!  :-)

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  :-)


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