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Re: Mod-perl, Apache, and Unresolved Symbols...

On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Craig Sanders wrote:

> > searching. Installed that one, and then forced mod-perl to install.
>                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> that's where your problem is. you've forced it to install when not all
> of it's dependancies have been met. a newer version of apache-common
> does exist, and should be installed.

	I imagined that the force was the source of the problem. I only
used it as a last resort after I could not find an apache-common package
of the correct version. I realize the implications of using the force
options, and only use them as last resorts. 
	I would greatly appreciate a URL as to exactly where this
apache-common package, version 1.3.3, as I looked almost all over
ftp.debian.org and a few mirrors to no avail. Also the package listings on
the debian web site kept turning up version 1.3.0, even when I tried to
follow the deps on libapache-mod-perl.

> i have had apache and mod_perl and related packages from unstable
> installed and running perfectly for months with no problems.

	Well, that is promising! I still have hope now! :)

> alternatively, do a complete upgrade to frozen or unstable. i run my
> systems on unstable but i am aware of the potential dangers of doing
> completely broken (which is why it is called unstable).  definitely NOT for
> the inexperienced or the faint-of-heart.

	Actually, I run unstable on my Alpha, mainly since that is the
only one available for that platform, so I know some of the adventures
involved with all of that. :) Actually the main reason I don't plan to do
a complete upgrade is bandwidth. Doing a complete upgrade via a 28.8k
modem would probably take until I leave to go back school (where there is
plenty of bandwidth :), and I have other things I want to get down with
mod-perl before then.

> apt will figure out what other updated/new packages are required by
> these and ask you if you want to install them too. it will also offer to
> remove any old packages which conflict with the new versions (if any).
> apt is cool.

	Been meaning to try out apt, just not had time yet. All I have had
experience with is dselect which I have mixed reactions to, but not
wanting to start anything, I will not say anything more. :)

	If you could just let me know where the current version of the
apache-common is hiding, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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