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Re: Bug closing questions. Was: Re: slink bugs

On Mon 21 Dec 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Only the maintainer should close a bug.  A bug report should only

The developer's Reference implies otherwise; in paragraph 7.1:

	Note that when you are neither the bug submitter nor the package
	maintainer, you are not empowered to actually close the bug
	(unless you secure permission from the maintainer). 

I understand this to mean that the bug submitter can also close the bug.
In fact, last week I was going through the bugs I had submitted (mainly
NMU source diffs for compiling on Alpha) and many had already been
fixed, but the bug report was not closed; so I closed those.

BTW, I don't understand at all why maintainers don't take the effort to
regularly check the list of bugs against their packages, and close those
that have been solved. Some of the bug reports I closed last week had been
fixed back at the beginning of this year!

Paul Slootman
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