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Re: Bug closing questions. Was: Re: slink bugs

Craig Brozefsky wrote:
> Aaron Van Couwenberghe <vanco@sonic.net> writes:
> > http://master.debian.org/~wakkerma/report.html. I don't know if this is
> > outdated however.
> Out of curiosity, because I did not see if in the policy documents,
> what is the procedure for closing bugs when the package has switched
> maintainers and the .deb which fixes the bug, and changes maintainer
> is in Incoming, but not the archive proper?

Only the maintainer should close a bug.  A bug report should only
be closed if the file is installed in the archive.  If you can afford
waiting (without forgetting to close the report) please close it after
you have received the mail from the maor-installer.

Since only a few people have an automatism to auto-close bugs when
the package is installed in the archive, maintainers tend to close
the bug reports as soon as the file enters the Incoming directory.
This has been accepted somehow.

If a maintainer forgets to close a report you could change its severity
to 'fixed' until he can close it.

> The guile1.3 critical bug, which I had lodged myself, is fixed with
> the most recent guile-core update I did which updated guile1.3,
> libguile4 and libguile4-dev.

Please report this to the bug itself and to Wichert so he can handle
it proper in his critical bug list.



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