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Re: An old idea, brought back to life

On Sun, Dec 20, 1998 at 06:44:07PM -0800, Oscar Levi wrote:
> > I don't see how we can test any better than we do now.
> That, then, is a problem.
> I feel that the most essential test mode is installability.  Until we
> eliminate the interactivity from Debian install, we'll never nip this
> one.  I know there are ideas going about on this topic.  We need a
> method for programmed installs such that we can verify the archive for
> a set of default configurations.  Once there, we can do heaps of other
> things.

The above is a change in the archive layout and the release process. 
Interactivity (or lack of) in the package system is a great thing as we
all know and certainly would help make any change to the archive system
more efficient.  That's a given I think.

> So, it comes down to how do we hold packages.  Perhaps is makes sense
> to make only a slight adjustment to the present setup.  I see a couple
> of parts:
>   1) The move from Incoming to unstable-untested or stable-untested is
>      done automatically and done quickly.  For the time being,
>      these are new archive branches.
>   2) As new branches, these are mirrored and available within a day of
>      upload.
>   3) The packaging system adds a hook such that the user can choose,
>      by package, to use the untested version or the mainline one.
>   4) The archive maintainers move packages from untested into the main
>      when satisified that nothing breaks.
> IMHO, this would give us some new leverage during this freeze phase.
> I also think it would be better to include the untested versions as
> part of the unstable/stable tree, but dselect gets confused with
> this--I don't know how apt responds.  Adding untested, mirroring it,
> and making it part of the packaging hierarchy seems like a short step
> from where we are.

But these are not archive changes.  And they will not improve Debian's
ability to release a new stable distribution even a little.  It'll help
the user mix a system between stable and one of the other not-so-stable
dists, but this won't affect releases.

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