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Re: Debian violates GPL?

On Sun, Dec 20, 1998 at 01:27:38AM -0300, Horacio J. Peña wrote:

> ¡Hola!
> > > > CVS is poor for archiving binaries.  For compressed files,
> > > > especially, it is no better than having all old versions around.
> > > I wasn't proposing archiving any binaries.
> > I'd like you to tell me how orig.tar.gz isn't binary.
> Untarring it before committing to CVS...

Which is a bad idea:

1) Pristine tar.gz files cannot be generated
2) Some tar.gz files contain binaries themselves
3) Takes a lot more space in most cases
4) Owner/permissions can be lost
   (permissions can be an issue)
5) How can you refer to a CVS directory full of ,v files
   that can change with a md5sum in changes or dsc or whatever files?


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