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a few q's


I was browsing through bug list for virtual package
'general', and have questions and suggestions about

Can someone explain to me are issues raised in bug
#25847 still there? I don't have any recently updated
slink/potato around and can't check myself. Some
of the things are certainly interesting, like ownerships
on several directories and log files.

Can someone who speaks German (Deutsch) translate
exactly what does bug #20734 say? From what
I can understand, it's the same problem as with
bug #20170 - wrong paths.
(http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/20/20734.html and

Bugs #29387 and #29429 are related with virtual package
'ftp.debian.org' and should be reassigned - and then
closed since the archive, and the Packages files, have
been updated since (?).
(http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/29/29387.html and

I don't know the official Debian umask mode, but I've
noticed the 002 somewhere in /etc when I installed
first time. Although programs that create files should
set perms themselves, IMHO that should be 022.

The problems in bug #26937 are probably caused
by some packages that require the old x* packages
version, or maybe by a bug in dselect. I'll contact
the submitter to ask him if he can reproduce it.

Hamm was never released for sparc arch, right?
But sparc has probably gone several lightyears
since submittal of bug #23632, and already has
got working X packages, so this bug should be

Can someone explain the purpose of /etc/.pwd.lock
file (or point me to TFM), and what is wrong with it
(reffering to bug #25846, at

Bug #28232 should be closed but inevitably other
'bug' reports like that one will be pouring after
slink release :(

The bug #29453 doesn't really exist - user just
needs to install the qt .deb package. If nobody
replied to him (how to find that out?) I will.

Bug #28442 should be reassigned to package
xserver-common. And probably closed, since
-5 was one of the 'unstable' releases of X packages.

That's about it... if you've gotten this far, go to sleep :)

enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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