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Re: Corel WordPerfect shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8

On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Bob Nielsen wrote:

> Does this mean they are releasing it for use without charge?  WordPerfect
> 7 has a 15 day limit if you don't register (and pay a fee to do so).
> While whatever they release will probably be non-free, I don't like the
> idea of including cripple-ware in Debian.

	I am pretty sure it is 100% free for personal use.  Free as is
no charge.  I am not versed enough in any of the legal terms of "Free"
that Debian is using so I can't comment on it being DFSG free.

[Jim's Stuff Here]
> >
> > I'll cc: this to wnpp@debian.org to claim WordPerfect for the moment.
> > If the package (when it turns up) looks like it is going to be too
> > much work, I might put it up for adoption - because I'm going to be
> > pretty busy getting Gnome 1.0, dwww2, and the Debian ARM port going.
> > 

	Jim.  Two things.  I am going to be finishing up exams this
weekend and I have been itching to become a package maintainer for
a while now.  If you want to pass off WP8, I have the bandwidth here
at Waterloo to get the distro easily and to let it out to be tested
without taxing any modem. :)  

	The second question I have is related to the ARM port.  Corel
is sponsoring a project I am involved in (http://ece.uwaterloo.ca/~warg/)
and we are going to be getting Netwinders this week.  I assume that
there is a mailing list and that things are coming along well?  I
can't wait to help out!


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