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Re: Sheepishly, I point out an advantage of 2.0.36 over 2.0.35

>>>>> "Oscar" == Oscar Levi <elf@buici.com> writes:

    Oscar> I just discovered that the reason I have been unable to
    Oscar> install the base system over nfs has been the fact that the
    Oscar> NFS client 2.0.35 is broken.  %^(

    Oscar> I wouldn't say this is a compelling reason to switch, but
    Oscar> it is important information to have.

I have several boxes using Adaptec AIC SCSI cards that will barely
boot with 2.0.35, and others whose SCSI scanners will only work
with 2.0.36.

Herbert, I beg you, please release 2.0.36 packages for slink; we can
move potato's isdn-utils into slink as well.

2.0.35 is a poor excuse for a kernel, and includes security flaws; if
we knowingly ship a distribution with security flaws, woe betide the
Public Relations of the linux fans :)


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