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Re: debian-devel-elderly [was Re: What I'd like to see in a project leader]

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> <big>
> Look out kids, the Gray Panthers have arrived!  By the time I finally
> get my act together, get my key signed and submit my application to become
> a developer, I'll have turned 60, but I promise to faithfully take my
> ginko, metamucil, etc.
> Bob
> </big>

	Geez, my father is 58, I just can't imagine him as a Debian
Developer , that would be funny :)

> On 15 Dec 1998, Douglas Bates wrote:
> > I was thinking of suggesting that we start a new list
> > debian-devel-elderly for those of us past 30 (I'm way past at age 49).
> > Remember Mario deSalva from the Berkeley free-speech riots in the 60's
> > proclaiming "never trust anyone over 30".  How soon we find ourselves
> > on the other side of that divide!

	Hmmm, If I am not mistaken Unix is 31 years old, isn't it? I trust
Unix almost ultimately. If I need machines to assist my health in a
hospital one day, please install debian on them :) It would be disgusting
to see "module beep caused a General Protection Fault" in the screen of
the heart monitor ... someone wanting to make euthanasia legal should
consider installing MS products in life support systems :)
	I prefer the 31 year-old Unix than the 18 year old Microsoft
"equivalent" :)

	By the way, I am 24yr old. :)



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