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Re: debian-devel-elderly [was Re: What I'd like to see in a project leader]

Look out kids, the Gray Panthers have arrived!  By the time I finally
get my act together, get my key signed and submit my application to become
a developer, I'll have turned 60, but I promise to faithfully take my
ginko, metamucil, etc.


On 15 Dec 1998, Douglas Bates wrote:

> >>>>> "John" == John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:
>   John> 	!! 51 We should implement senility testing !  (I
>   John> thought I could well be the oldest at 34, with all these kids
>   John> running around, I probably _am_ the oldest debian developer
>   John> graduate student.)
> I was thinking of suggesting that we start a new list
> debian-devel-elderly for those of us past 30 (I'm way past at age 49).
> Remember Mario deSalva from the Berkeley free-speech riots in the 60's
> proclaiming "never trust anyone over 30".  How soon we find ourselves
> on the other side of that divide!
> We could require that all messages be bracketed with <big> </big> so
> we could still read them, even with our failing eyesight.  Also all
> posters would be required to quote the entire thread of the discussion
> because we couldn't be counted upon to remember the last message we
> had read.
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