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fixing Bug#25525 and going further...

Hi Vincent and *,

I have taken pwgen_1-11 and modified it to make available all available
functionality in one binary (including the functionality of pwgen.)

After doing it and seeing the one bug filed against it, I read the report
to see if I could squash it, and it turned out that the work done already
fixes the bug and in fact goes further. I will be adding -h and --help (to
have identical results) and tightening up the options parser. Right now, the
parser is in an unfolded state, which explains some of the code duplication.

Vincent: would you have any problem with my removing the three compile-
time options my work replaces? This would remove the remainder of the code
duplication I introduced as well as make all the code more readible. Also
should I also remove spwgen? If yes, should I remove ALLBYOPTS and make that
be the default? Please note (and verify) that the functionality of spwgen
is identical to that of pwgen -s (in the function sec_pass()).

You can find my work at:


which contains the original source, the original .dsc (combining into the
original source dir), my patches to the original source dir and 2 explanitory

The contents of one of them (README.goals) reads:

Overall, the goals of version 1-11.1 and .2 are to make pwgen usable 
in a much greater variety of situations without the need to recompile.

The reason I do this, is that a password generator that is flexible
is a good thing for schools, one type of organization that benefits
from mass quantities of random passwords. A package of perl scripts
I author uses pwgen to generate passwords for students. Note that the
package is not debianized, nor am I presently a debian developer. If
there is interest, I will post its address. I am also seeking a maintainer
who would be interested to package roster for debian.

here are the main questions I am asking about my modifications to pwgen:
- does pwgen work according to the docs? (especially non-i386)
- does the pwgen.1 manpage look OK?
- do my changes to the debian/ dir (esp. the changelog) look ok?

Note that the changes I have made are to version 1-11 and do absolutely
nothing besides to make available functionality (which I do not change)
that presently exists in version 1-11. My 1-11.1 contains all the tech
modifications; 1-11.2 makes a small cosmetic change to the man page in the
hopes it will be more readible.

If you want to comment on what you see here (at least my mods), you can
email: jim@laney.edu.


I'm also looking to know if the package works on different architectures.
I had it tested on sparc and alpha (one each) and they seem to work fine.

I would like to know if pwgen with my mods works on the other architectures.


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