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catching up

After being rather busy on what I guess was sunday and then having a
power outage that lasted most of the night, I kinda got WAY behind on
email.  -devel alone was up to over 1000 messages, 500 more than it
should have been had I been keeping up.  I was kinda busy again today,
finished most everything by tonight, but I've just spent the past 4-5
hours pretty much trying to catch up.  I may have missed things and
certainly know that since mutt has been in -devel since about 11:30 today
(it's currently 05:38 the next day and I haven't slept yet) that I missed
things like gecko's message about replying to DPL stuff.  (oops, again)

The good news is that I'm pretty much about done with -devel which is
where most of the mail I haven't read is.  If you've sent me something in
the past 36 hours and expected an answer by now and haven't got one, I'll
get to it, promise.

I need a UPS.  =p

"Shall we play a game?"  -- WOPR

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