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Re: GTK and related libs should reside in /usr/X11R6

Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de> writes:

> According to the policy all stuff which runs under X11 should go to
> /usr/X11R6.  That means that libgdk and libgtk shuld go there
> because they don't run without X.  libglib should stay in /usr/lib
> (because it don't need X.
> What about this proposal?

What policy are you referring to?  AFAIK, no such policy exists.

It's up to the maintainer whether or not they want to stick their
packages under /usr or /usr/X11R6.

There was a big discussion about this on debian-policy a few months
ago.  No consensus was reached.


 - Jim

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