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Re: Project leaders - qualifications

On Thu, Dec 10, 1998 at 11:54:22AM -0800, David Welton wrote:

> Competence with the English language (more languages are better - it
> seems as if there are a lot of German speakers on the list:-).  I
> don't think anyone so far has any problems with this.

Being a native US resident I hope that it qualifies me for english
language comptenece :)

> Speaking experience.  Ability to get up in front of an audience and
> give an interesting talk.  Both Bruce and Ian had/have experience with
> this.

I have taught several classes ranging from simple programming introduction
level classes (java, perl, html, i know html is not programming...). I
have also done many lectures for local computer user groups, mostly having
to do with Internet technology. This involved laying out the
lecture/class, organizing content, research, and preparing any
audio/visual that would be needed. This was from the ground up, so I have
no problem talking to large groups nor coming up with material for topics.

> Ability to go to conferences.  This includes time and financial
> ability.  I guess that some conferences probably pay for some or all
> of the fees, but there are always incidentals...

Fortunately my position grants me a few benifits, one of which is paid
conferences. This and the fact that if it wasn't paid for, I would foot
the bill in the interest of the Debian Project.

> Like I said, these arent't essential, but I'd be curious what the
> candidates have to say about their abilities and qualifications in
> this area.

Excellent points to make.

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