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Re: Recompilation to remove dependency on libc6 2.0.7u (Was: Status of Slink

On Wed, Dec 09, 1998 at 02:08:41PM +0100, Roman Hodek wrote:
> > Packages to recompile:
> [... long list of 661 packages]
> Argl!!! Please remember that if you recompile a package on i386 just
> for this, you'll create a new version number, and then all non-i386
> also have to recompile them all, too. 661 packages will keep the m68k
> build daemons busy for several weeks :-( Do you plan this for frozen?
> This slink won't release this year...

Presumably this means m68k doesn't have any chance of getting the
libc6 dependency fixed then. 

Perhaps a better thing to do would be to just recompile for i386 only,
and do binary-only point releases for affected packages, ie,

	$ cd package-3.14
	$ debchange -v
		# frozen, "binary-only / recompile to fix libc6 dependency"
	$ build -b -rfakeroot
	$ cd ..
	$ dupload -t master whatever.changes


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