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Re: Recompilation to remove dependency on libc6 2.0.7u (Was: Status of Slink

> Packages to recompile:
> a2ps 4.10.4-4
> aalib-bin 1.2-8
> aalib1 1.2-8
> abc2mtex 1.6.1-4
> abuse 2.00-12
> acct 6.3.5-4
> ae 962-21.1
[... long list of 661 packages]

Argl!!! Please remember that if you recompile a package on i386 just
for this, you'll create a new version number, and then all non-i386
also have to recompile them all, too. 661 packages will keep the m68k
build daemons busy for several weeks :-( Do you plan this for frozen?
This slink won't release this year...


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