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Re: Considering packaging: Microsoft Web Font pack

On Sun, Dec 06, 1998 at 01:30:04PM -0500, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> Ben Collins <bmc@visi.net> writes:
>    > 	Restrictions on Alteration.  You may not rename, edit or create any
>    > 	derivative works from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, other than subsetting
>    > 	when embedding them in documents.
>    This automatically makes it not DFSG free since we cannot alter the
>    original in any form, not even for our own use. This obviously refers to
>    the fonts themselves. 

The DFSG is not terribly relevant, since the best I'm hoping for is to get
this into non-free.

> Is creating a .deb of the fonts a derivative work?  I think that
> Microsoft's lawyers might think so, which is what counts in the this
> case.

I like to think that my life isn't directly affected by what Microsoft's
lawyers think.  What counts is what a judge would think.  Mind you, I hate
getting sued as much as the next guy.


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