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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software


> > > Ian is concerned because the original author can then incorporate those
> > > changes into a new version, released under a completely closed license,
> > > and effectively "steal" the work of the community for their own gain.
> > No, I'm not concerned about that.  The DFSG2 allows that (and the
> > DFSG1 may or may not).
> As I understand the situation, I can release code under the GPL that I may
> later release under a more strict license. The only thing I can't do is
Yes, but you (as the "original author" of the GPLed work) cannot "incorporate
those changes" (GPLed by other people) under a "more strict license".

As ever, IAN (yet :-) AL.

> Luck,
> Dwarf

Horacio J. Peña

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