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Re: what's going on with gtk+ ????

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> does that mean you cannot use imlib with gtk+1.1.5 ?
> because it is not the maintainers fault don't make it less a bug, at least i
> think so.
No that means that I'm not sure where the trouble was caused.  The current
Imlib-1.8.1 packages worked well with the GTK+1.1.3 packages which where
installed at the same time.  Now there are new GTK+ packages.  But there
is no update of Imlib (or I couldn't see one at redhat's mirror).  This
situation could require a bug against GTK+1.1.5 packages or Imlib
packages or both or whatever you want.  If you think you have to
file a bug report feel free to do that.

If I file bug reports I want to be sure that I address the one who is
responsible for the bug.  If I don't know that I try to find it out
first.  That's why I wrote to the gtk-list AND to the maintainer
privately a carbon copy to get him informed that something is wrong.

My hint is:  Set the GTK+1.1.3 packages to hold (or at least keep them
on your harddisk) if you want to use Imlib.  But possibly it works
for you.  Dont mind and try it ...  I havn't the time to check it,
but my program (paul-0.0.6) shows very strange behaviour with
GTK-1.1.5 and so I downgraded.

> all this is very messy ...
What do you expect of an unstable tree??
> Friendly,
Seems you need a new keyboard.  Your message is without any capital
letter, but when typing your name <CapsLock> seems to be fixed ;-).

Kind regards


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