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Re: Bug#30340: Draft new DFSG - r1.4

> Indeed, there is a huge market in binary-only CD sales as well. I think
> section 3(b) covers them, and AFAIK I thought it was OK to have a binary
> only mirror as anyone accessing the mirror would have internet access and
> thus access to a non-binary only mirror.

I asked RMS about several years ago.  The reason it was worded this
way was to prohibit the unscrupulous behavoir of erecting barriers for
access to the source code.  The indent is to make the source code as
easy to gather as the binaries.  

While I would not suggesting that the letter of the GPL makes
binary-CDs or binary mirrors violations of the text, we may observe
that FSF distributes tapes of binaries of their software while
maintaining FTP sites for all sources.

The indent of the GPL should be clear: software freedom.  Binary
mirrors do not prohibit this freedom.

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