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desire to add two virtual packages


My packages ACE and TAO provide software that I would like to make virtual
packages.  They are:

gperf:	The GNU Perfect Hash Function Generator
-- I know that a gperf package already exists but according to the
original author of gperf that version of gperf isn't being
maintained and is buggy.  The version of gperf that ships with ACE is
supposed to be the latest and greatest version.  Comments?

tao_idl: The ACE ORB (TAO) IDL Compiler
-- The name says it all.  Tao_idl is the idl compiler for the TAO high
performance real-time ORB.

Ossama Othman <ossama@debian.org>
58 60 1A E8 7A 66 F4 44  74 9F 3C D4 EF BF 35 88  1024/8A04D15D 1998/08/26

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