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Re: Creation of nfs-client package

> > Could you elaborate on that idea a bit? I really don't see the need for that
> > many NFS packages (client, user server, kernel server and possibly a common
> > for the servers containing /etc/exports and whatever else they share - if
> > anything.)
> But whats included in the user server? And the kernel server? What do
> they share? ETC..

The kernel server package contains kexportfs, rpc.kmountd, rpc.knfsd, 
rpc.kstatd, knfsstat and rpc.krquotad. The user server package contains 
rpc.mountd, rpc.nfsd, rpc.ugidd and showmount. Of these, rpc.kstatd should go 
into a client package. showmount and knfsstat (renamed nfsstat) should ideally 
be available on both clients and server (common package). There really isn't 
that much to split up.

> The idea is that for each main group of stuff (stuff which always goes
> together) gets its own mini-package..
> ugidd being a very good example of this, for most cases it can even be a
> security hole, however I use it on my internal network which is behind a
> firewall..

So don't run it then (IIRC it doesn't even start by default. It's been too 
long since I looked at the insides of the user nfsd packge though). To me the 
problem you are trying to solve (of selecting how the nfs server should run) 
is best left to the configuration of the particular package. Packages should 
IMHO be divided up along lines of functionality (ugidd is part of unfsd's 
functionality). Whether to use all functionality is up to how you configure 
the package in question.


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