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Re: Creation of nfs-client package

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 02:35:38AM +0100, Anders Hammarquist wrote:
> > I propose the splitting of the nfs packages into several smaller
> > packages, and then creating a set of 'super packages' which simply
> > depend or recommend the small packages..
> Could you elaborate on that idea a bit? I really don't see the need for that 
> many NFS packages (client, user server, kernel server and possibly a common 
> for the servers containing /etc/exports and whatever else they share - if 
> anything.)

But whats included in the user server? And the kernel server? What do
they share? ETC..

The idea is that for each main group of stuff (stuff which always goes
together) gets its own mini-package..

ugidd being a very good example of this, for most cases it can even be a
security hole, however I use it on my internal network which is behind a

You then have a set of packages which depend on the little packages but
only contain the /usr/doc/<package> files..

(ie the client, user server, kernel server, etc)

Zephaniah E, Hull.

> > This does have some issues with how to remove them, however there are
> > currently plans in place on how to handle this.. (apt, etc)
> With 3 or 4 packages I don't really see a big problem, though the apt 
> enhancements are welcome none the less.
> Regards,
> /Anders
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