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Re: APT [was Re: Is this really the right thing to do?]

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Steve Greenland wrote:

> A tool lists packages with no others depending upon them + grep is not
> sufficient, for precisely the reasons you state: If I deliberately
> select "libfoo" so that I can a locally built package that use it, that
> is different than having libfoo selected by apt/dselect/whatever because
> I selected "bar".

one issue that this proposal seems to ignore is that the status
information may be relevant at the time of install, but may be
irrelevant six months later.

if package 'libfoo' is automatically selected because i installed
package 'foobar', and i later write a program in /usr/local which makes
use of libfoo, then how can that be kept track of?

like i said, i think that tools to generate a report listing
"unused" (as far as dpkg/apt can tell) packages is a good and useful
thing.....but automatically removing those packages would be a bad thing.

if it's only an option (off by default) then i have no problem with it.

> If apt tracks which packages are "auto-selected", and provides a way
> for you to not view/use that information, and such a feature is of
> value to a bunch of other people, what's the harm?

that's a key point: IFF it doesn't require me to use it (or even know or
care about it) then i have no objection at all.

another key point:  i'm not the one writing the code, so my opinion is
just an opinion.  whoever writes the code gets the last say :-)


craig sanders

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