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Re: Creation of nfs-client package

> > In the process of updating the knfs package I realized that rpc.statd should 
> > be running on the clients (for network locking to work nicely on a 2.1.x 
> > kernel).
>  Hey! That's the answer I've been looking for! Where is rpc.statd (I have
>  rpc.rstatd) suppossed to start? I can't find it on /etc/init.d/* (or is it
>  just for knfs, which I haven't got to work with autofs)

For now it's just in knfs (though it really doesn't make sense to have it in 
the server package as it should be running on a client). I'm not sure if it 
helps to run it with the user level nfsd though, and reading through 
/usr/doc/nfs-server/* seems to indicate that it doesn't.

Regarding the autofs troubles, try the new version of knfs (981122). I saw 
something on linux-kernel about some autofs troubles that were fixed by it 
(though it may have been Solaris' autofs that had the problems).


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