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glibc 2.0.7u-7 is in Incoming

I just uploaded the newest version of glibc to Incoming on master. This
version should take care of the last trailing bits of yuck steming from
the most recent problems.

The current version does not provide for the symbol __register_frame_info
as the first versions of 2.0.7u did.

This version no longer conflicts with any versions of sysvinit, but checks
during the postinstall for the correct version before running "init u".

The dpkg dependencies are fixed. (Why can't the C opperators be used in
cases like this so I don't always have to go look it up?) <whine>

The version dependencies in shlibs have been removed, as all programs
compiled with this library should work on any previous release. This alone
is the major fly in the ointment as far as the rest of you are concerned.

If your packages have a specific version dependency for libc6 they will
need to be rebuilt using this release of the library.

One final difference in this release that has nothing to do with the other
problems involves a patch requested by Andreas J. which allows for thread

This release should now upgrade smoothly for all systems that are free of
the "interumn" packages. As I have already heard of some problems in this
reguard, I would appreciate feedback from those upgrading to this version.
I can't guarantee that glibc can do anything about some of this, but I
certainly want to hear about it just in case ;-)

Waiting is,

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