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Re: Mirrors don't look like master?

> While I agree that binary-alpha being in slink is a good thing. What isn't a good
> thing was that the mirrors (or at least I) wasn't told that binary-alpha was
> moving and as such my mirror is fetching the entire damn thing again.
> I've tried subscribing to debian-mirrors twice now btw if that was where I
> was supposed to learn of the move but both times nothing seems to have happened
> to my subscription message. Is there a trick to joining debian-mirrors?

I noticed the same thing about the alpha packages moving.  I thought I
would be clever and mover the tree myself.  I did not count on the
mirror I was using to be only part-way through the migration.  The
mirror command clobbered all of my alpha stuff.

I have thought some about this and have not come up with a feasible
solution.  The only thing I can see (so far) would be to eliminate sid
and always put the non-shipping packages in the current unstable
release.  The only real harm here is that when we move from one
distribution to another, there will *always* be a large archive update
as we drop the oldest distribution and move the packages still in it
to the next distribution.

AFAICT, the only way to make this work better would be to implement
something in rsync that understands how to move files.

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