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Re: Mirrors don't look like master?

On Mon, Nov 30, 1998 at 09:08:56PM -0800, Oscar Levi wrote:
> The debian distribution on master looks very different from the
> distribution on ftp.cdrom.com.  I notice that the alpha stuff has
> moved from sid to slink.  This is a good thing.  What is odd is that
> the slink/main/binary-alpha on master is complete while ftp.debian.org
> is missing much.  The version of sid on ftp.cdrom.com no longer has
> all of the packages so we're left with a very incomplete archive.
> I checked the au mirror and see the same thing.

While I agree that binary-alpha being in slink is a good thing. What isn't a good
thing was that the mirrors (or at least I) wasn't told that binary-alpha was
moving and as such my mirror is fetching the entire damn thing again.

I've tried subscribing to debian-mirrors twice now btw if that was where I
was supposed to learn of the move but both times nothing seems to have happened
to my subscription message. Is there a trick to joining debian-mirrors?


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