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Intent to package stunnel

Short description

     The stunnel program is designed to work  as  SSL  encryption
     wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or
     remote server. The concept is that having non-SSL aware dae-
     mons  running  on  your  system you can easily setup them to
     communicate with clients over secure SSL channel.

     stunnel can be used to add  SSL  functionality  to  commonly
     used  inetd  daemons  like  POP-2,  POP-3  and  IMAP servers
     without any changes in the programs' code.


     Source code is distributed under GPL license.

     Binary form is distributed under SSLeay license.

It will go in non-US.


"The number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected."
    - _The UNIX Programmer's Manual_, Second Edition, June, 1972.

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