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Re: Do slink boot floppies work?

On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Marc Singer wrote:

> I'm using the current slink boot floppies for x86.  
>   1) There is no resc1440.bin.  The 1200 image doesn't boot when
>      copied to a 1.4MB diskette.  

Hmm... I thought they would work.  What goes wrong?  I guess they are just
a dos format and that doesn't handle an incorrect size well.  (The base
images are a multi-part tarball I believe.)

>   2) What are the resc1743 images?  The docs don't mention them.

They were the first attempt.  We ran out of space so we made bigger disks.
You can try to format your floppy for the larger size (check the
debian-testing archives, it may be in there).

The better solution is to find the 1440 disks.  They are enroute now, i.e.
sitting in incoming: ftp://llug.sep.bnl.gov/pub/debian/Incoming/


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