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Re: Cobalt Qube

Gerhard Poul <gp@atnet.at> writes:

> Is there someone who uses a Cobalt Qube out there???
> I asked on #debian and they told me that there was a message on debian-devel
> about it. But I'm not able to find it in the Mailing list archives.
> Please let me tell why I'm interested in these Cobalt Qubes...
> I really like the hardware they have. But I really dislike these
> Web-Interfaces and all these special things.
> That's why I'm looking for a way to install debian on it. With ssh and all
> these things...

I've heard nice things about their hardware.  The Cobalt RaQ looks
sort of interesting.  Plus Dave Miller works there.  :-)

There has been some interest in a MIPS port, and there is a mailing
list - see:


>From what I understand, the Cobalt hardware comes with a Red Hat based
distribution.  I think that it is different from the MIPS you'd find
on an SGI machine, as it is little endian.  (Correct me if I'm wrong)

There are some "contrib" RPMs at:


So, I don't believe it's a totally closed system.


 - Jim


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