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Re: gnumaniak - evil info warning

Ragnar Hojland Espinosa wrote:
> Okay, how about removing 2C and changing the copyright notice in the man
> pages to something like:
> .\" You may copy, distribute and modify under the terms of the LDP General
> .\" Public License as specified in the LICENSE file that comes with the
> .\" gnumaniak distribution
> .\"
> .\" The author kindly requests that no comments regarding the "better"
> .\" suitability or up-to-date notices of any info documentation alternative
> .\" is added without contacting him first.  Let's all play nice :)
> .\"
> .\" (C) 1998 Ragnar Hojland Espinosa <ragnar@lightside.ddns.org>
> .\"
> .\"
> .\"     GNU cmp man page
> .\"     man pages are NOT obsolete!
> .\"     <ragnar@lightside.ddns.org>
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I believe this would be just fine as long as the ldp-license text that
is distributed with it is modified.

I'm cc'ing this to debian-devel to get a little feedback, but I don't see
any problems.  Just let me know when the modified-license version is
available so we can get to work.

Will any armchair laywers please take a look at this and at the LDP
(note that this is the pre-modified version) and pipe up if you have
any concerns.

Best Regards,

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